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Tzenker Fahr by TernadoG
Tzenker Fahr
Secret Santa for :iconkazetsura: during the Seiken-Densetsu-Club event

I could do more but truthfully I'm kind of lazy & takes me a lot of focus right now since I'm not as good as I want to be. I also want to get started on other things.

I'm sorry but I used this to test things out when I maybe should have just focused on the drawing. I hope you like it still though there are things I feel I can still correct or make better.

I knew the other games better but I choose this one because it felt better for me to do it for something I haven't played yet. If you feel I didn't do it justice or that I should clean it up or do more for it tell me & don't hold back please.
firefly by TernadoG
It's something I did for a contest from NISA to their game HtoL#NiQ: The Firefly Dairy.

I feel I can do more with it if I wanted to.


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Terrell Gatewood
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[I need to do a lot of updating here on DA.]
just another person with a high ambition & a strong will to learn from others when at all possible.

{I have a lot of stuff I don't post here & most of the time I mess up by wanting to always test new things out instead of finishing or making a good drawing. I don't know if that's a good habit or a bad one. I do learn a lot from it though.}

If you like my art check out the art of other members of the Decoy Sky group on DA. (It's a dead group but connection to friends.)
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I might not be posting many drawings on DA right now but I'm going to work on my 5 different stories I call the Five Seasons. I want to be able to create 3 chapters for each on a different season & for the last one one chapter every season by the end of 2015. I will give each one their own season & post it here in this journal. I will give a summary of each story & the style I want to be able to use on it. These stories are what I might focus on for a moment & maybe after 2015 in 2016 I will be able to post the stories here. Right now I don't have the drawing skills I want & won't post the stories here until I do & when I do I want to try to post up to 5 chapters of each one.

1. A World Gone Mad (Fall)
         Main: Descendancy - the story of a legendary demon & angel. It's about how they get connect through related family in the wars & trails that their family go through.
         Sub: Possessed Soldier - during the main story a rookie human soldier allow a demon to possess & fuse with him so that they both can live when they are both almost dead.

2. Rage Dark (Summer)
         Rage story - He is a part of the family of fire & next to be their king after his brother abandoned doing so. The family of fire is cursed where all of them turn to different monsters when at their strongest & he wish to find the cure.
         Dark story - He is part of the dark family & their prince. He leaves his kingdom to show that dark doesn't mean evil & that somethings from darkness can be beautiful.

3. Savage Frontier (Spring) - About soldiers that fight what seem to be monsters or demons & the only why to kill them is to use their weapons against them with risk of become one of them or shooting them in the mouth when they open them.

4. Shifted Dimensions (Winter)
         Demon story - He is the king of a dimension where demons there are no angels & humans are their slaves. He is switched with the human him in another dimension & have to conquer the new dimension or survive & make it back to his.
         Human story - he is from a world where all demons have been slain & have been under the rule of angels for a while. all of a sudden without warning he is instantly in a dimension where demons rule & the only thing he can do is attempt to survive & keep things under control where he can until he can get back to his dimension.

5. Sinful Heroes (All Seasons)
      Starting stories
         Feral: a wolf & a human boy become friends & become fused. The story about how they become fused together & become the legends of a new kingdom of newly created people called beastmen.
         Syn: he is a guy of an race of entity the look identical to human but has the power to destroy the world. his race watch over the world from a stray island to end things when the world looks bad. he leave to research the world from his island then to find a way to save it when he experience life on it away from the island.

      Main Stories
         Aconite: an arrogant wolfman kobald of the beast race & the king after his father Feral. A human attack his land & he leave it to chase the human for it which lead him on a journey across multiple lands meeting the different races in them.
         Mikael: the man he used to train under all of a sudden come back to his village burn it down & kill his mother. the man leave him a sword with a note saying if you want revenge come beat me with this sword. with no other choice the boy grab the sword search the land for the man to find out way he did it.
         Saurian: as the most brilliant dragon lizardman he created some of the dragons most important tech. reaching the peak of dragon tech he leaves their lands to learn the tech of other areas though it is said that dragons are the wisest.
         Umbrage: She get put on a mission to protect somebody with her team of other angels but is set up by another angel from a different group. when set up her clients lose something & she go on a search to get it & the person who took it.
         Zinnia: a wood elf that meets a kind dwarf one day looking too find the greatest materials in the world, she wonders way all the different races hate each other & leave her trees to find that answer & bring them all together herself.
         Aster: a dwarf who used every material on the dwarven mountains at least once. he thinks to himself this getting old & decides one day to leave & find the greatest material the world has seen.
         Elude: mischievous & relient on traps & tricks taht is the only way for imps to defend themselves. one day Elude makes a vow on his life as an imp that to defend himself he would find new means & become the most powerful & king of the rest of them leaving his nest to find it while being laughed at by the others.

      Sub stories
         Serenade & Requiem:

All these stories will take up a lot of my time especially if I don't slack off & go full burst. also I'm working on a story with my friend David Burns who is also on DA. I call the story the Lonely X series. I'm going to be the writer for the series but he the one who asked to help him make it. He's the artist for the series & I want to see what he do with it. Lately we both been slacking. I did part of Lonely Knight X but he only did very few pictures & I don't know exactly where he's going to go with it but hope that it will be good. On the other side of things he can't move on a story of the series unless I write it & I don't really want to move much unless I know the way he's going to put the story together in his pictures exactly. This story depending on how the literature submit thing work on DA which haven't very good for me I will post up on DA every now & then.

        Lonely Knight X: A knight hunted by nightmares come to life every time he sleep after gain a weird power leaves his kingdom alone to protect those he love & be free of those nightmares. He aids those also hunted by similar creatures & try to lead them as best he can when he can.

        Lonely Sword X: A young swordsman who wants revenge for his village & everybody in it being killed. Every time he kill in revenge or hatred creatures hunt him that can't be killed by normal people that seem to double every time they newly appear.

        Lonely Tech X: A mechanic that invents machines loses his eye in a experiment & because of it he see things nobody else can with that eye. he warn his assistant against random experiments but hut he does them anyway. his assistant lose his wife & half his body in in a experiment gone wrong. He makes his assistant a new body with a half a computer brain for storing memories but a computer can't become human & his human part is dying off.

        Lonely Priestess X: As a vassal of the Dragon Goddess she is sent on a mission alone by the Goddess to find a way to better her tribe. Her tribe fight mysterious creatures all the time that normal humans can't hurt & to become the priestess there you have to sacrifice your life & be revived by the Goddess. The revival gives you a fifth of the Goddess power plus your own new power & only one person can be the priestess.

[I could finish filling in most of the blanks on each story now but I want to take my time & edit everything in slowly because this will take a while.]

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